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Albany Police Athletic League (PAL) 

844 Madison Avenue

Albany, NY 12208

Since its inception, the Albany Police Athletic League has offered countless recreational, educational, athletic, and social programs to Albany's youth. These programs provide youth the opportunity to play, work, and socialize with members of the Albany Police Department. Youth members of Albany PAL, through their association with Albany Police Officers, are provided with positive role model experiences. PAL also guarantees a safe, friendly environment for kids to ask questions, share their joys, and openly discuss their fears and doubts.

The Albany PAL Mentoring Program involves recruiting volunteer Mentors who will be matched with a youth Mentee. Volunteer Mentors agree to meet with their Mentee at the Chapter for at least one hour per week for one year. Besides offering friendship and a listening ear, Mentors and Mentees will engage in a variety of fun and meaningful activities individually and in groups.

The mentoring program runs from 6-7:30pm on Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8pm on Wednesdays, and 12:30-2pm on Saturdays. In January we will be starting a tutoring program that is run collaboratively with the PAL After-School Homework Club. Tutors are needed to come in to the PAL Center from 3-4pm Monday-Thursday. Tutors/Mentors are only required to pick one time slot or day to come in, but are welcome to come more than once a week if they would like.